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Wedding photography is not a secondary photograph. It is the training ground of all the greatest photographers in history. Because it is in a marriage that everything is born. Where stories, tales, unexpected dynamics develop that require extraordinary memories. I am a wedding photographer and I love to offer my expertise and my creativity in Calabria, because in our region there is something more. There is soul, passion, unique experiences to which to dedicate a different photograph, better if possible. They are not posed photos, but real moments of wonderful life, lived together and which deserves to be reviewed with the eyes of the soul. This is something very serious that I would like to be able to dedicate to you. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Calabria you are in the right place!


Everyone calls me Gisko. I'm creative, histrionic, very self-centered, and particularly passionate about photography. It's not just my profession, it's my passion.

Sono un fotografo di matrimoni in Calabria ed offro un servizio caratterizzato da uno stile unico e ricercato.

Immortala la giornata più genuina ed emozionante della tua vita, trasformandola con immagini e foto insieme alla tua dolce metà.

Quanto costa un fotografo per matrimoni? Guarda i miei lavori, la mia fotografia e per qualsiasi informazione non esitare a contattarmi.

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