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Awesome wedding in Tenuta delle Grazie

There are weddings that really go into every photographer's deepest memories; it will be for the friendship and hospitality shown by Marco and Tamara, but this is really one of those marriages that mark a step forward in my career. I know, maybe my English will never be correct enough to be able to explain all the emotions I would like to convey, but I am proud and lucky to be able to show you this story through my photographs, precisely because theirs is obviously a great love, from which we can learn a lot: romance, passion and beauty. This 10th September 2021 is a day that I will remember for a long time, also for the pleasure of being able to collaborate with great professionals who have given their utmost to satisfy every desire of this young couple. A wedding immersed in the details and attentions of the master florist Gianni Cortese, who makes the "Mediterranean chic" style his hallmark. And then there is the beauty of the "Tenuta delle Grazie" location, one of the best candidates to be able to host high-level weddings for those who choose Calabria as the perfect destination to celebrate their wedding. And this was precisely the need of Marco and Tamara, to live an extraordinary experience immersed in the colors of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. My goal was to tell all their moods and at the same time focus on the myriad of details that have left this unique event. The pleasure of observing the colors of this beautiful Italian late summer day goes hand in hand with the cheerful and carefree atmosphere of all the people present at this event. A different and particular wedding also for Tenuta delle Grazie and chef Luca Abbruzzino, precisely because the bride and groom's request was that of an entire vegan menu for the whole bouffet: also for this a splendid culinary experience that I would like to relive in the most beautiful locations for weddings throughout Calabria. Calabria really deserves one of the most chosen destinations by international couples who want to live a wonderful experience to celebrate their wedding in Italy. the local workers are second to none and for this reason we try day after day to be able to show all our talent. Getting married in Calabria is a choice that will make couples experience very radical emotions, colors, scents, atmospheres, and that will leave timeless memories full of real emotions.