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Your "engagement" session in Rome

This is the story of two wonderful guys: simple and smiling and strongly in love. Their relationship reminds me of my many couples who come to me in the hope of being able to photographically translate all their emotions. And the way of presenting himself is always the same: "we are a bit embarrassed and we don't like being photographed". And this is where my work begins. No, it's not primarily about taking pictures, but about helping people get comfortable in front of a camera. It is not a question of style, nor of shots. If you know you have a photographer in front of you, you will always be awkward. And then it is essential to help people understand the deeper value of couple photography, marriage or more simply of photos that portray you together. The memory. Remember yourself as you were. It takes a few decades to understand the importance of what you are doing today for tomorrow. Your future children, the friends of tomorrow and even yourself will recognize each other through the documents of a lifetime, and in this the photographs play a fundamental role. You, nothing but you - in your indelible emotions. A certificate of deep love for each other. This is what I hope every time I take a single photograph. Then to crown it all is Rome, the Eternal City, where even what I shoot takes on a permanent role. Everything remains so in this city, even love. Immutable behind a photograph. Having an engagement session in Rome is the dream of many Italian and international couples. So you will hear me propose it all the time. A city where you can move between the most iconic places in an instant. Even on the metro, to facilitate travel. Maybe better in a spring session, in the beautiful days facing the hot Roman summers. I hope to be able to continue in this project of mine and help many future couples to have with them forever the document of their happiness, of their love, of their eternity.



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