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Let's smile again at Tenuta delle Grazie!

It took us a long time! Anxiety, fear, disinformation, media cynicism. Everything before being able to hear us say "ok, we can start over!". They have been very long and always very uncertain months and - until we learn to live better with this pandemic - probably not the last. Awareness and organization are the weapons you need to have at your disposal to reorganize yourself in the best possible way. Maybe even relying on a good wedding planner like Benedetta Carpanzano, who accompanied the couple (I'm about to show you) in the difficult decisions whether to change the date or not. But the worst is over, so let's put everything behind us for a while and start looking to the future with optimism. Future that must be written on certainties, even in our complex and overly attended sector: the wedding. Organizing and operating a wedding is not a simple thing, nor a hobby: it is a complex job that requires years of experience and training and is good for those who will be able to choose in this sense all the operators who will attend their wedding. This in progress is precisely my tenth as a professional and certainly among the best in terms of desire to be able to express myself creatively and "narratively". It is precisely in the narrative that I try to give the best of myself: to help you create lucid, vivid and potentially timeless memories. film, cinema and all those iconic visual elements that have formed our point of view on photography. I also owe this excellent result to couples like Francesco and Caterina, who immediately let themselves be accompanied by my presence, delegating me as the creator of their visual memories, probably for a day that they will never forget for their whole life. It is a great responsibility. Perhaps the biggest that is due to a wedding. It was June 16, 2021 and I will remember it well. The day for all of us to restart and to be able to restart all the desire to have their say about their wonderful work. All this could not have started in the best possible way except in the location that I absolutely prefer: Tenuta delle Grazie, a splendid and ancient mill, restored and made an extraordinary place to celebrate your events. And as if that were not enough, extraordinarily well thanks to the cuisine of the Abbruzzino family, masters of Calabrian catering, thanks to their recognized international fame. Really all the perfect ingredients to start over and, this time - hopefully - to never stop. Ad Maiora to all my colleagues to whom my good luck goes! Crediti: Wedding planner: Benendetta carpanzano

Location: Tenuta delle grazie

Flower designer: Gianni cortese

Videomaking: Giuseppe Cristiano

Invitations: Semira creation

Make up: Ilenia Abruzzo Hairdress: Francesco Talotta