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Why I love winter session!

If it were up to me it would always be winter. Maybe because I was born in November, but these colors drive me crazy. Yes, of course, there is the question of the weather to manage, but at least in the next couple shoot that I will show you we were lucky: 14 (celsius) degrees. And then there are the warm tones of the foliage, always present even in the coldest season, which go well with a deliberately country atmosphere that goes well with a casual style.

I admit, I have always been inspired by North American photographers, those who do everything to not force couples to build around themselves a luxury style that seems out of place and fake to me. I love to photograph authentic couples, people who may never have had an experience in front of a camera. I really hate the idea of ​​turning to models for "inspiration" shoots that don't have real feelings to put into play. I want to photograph real couples, of people who love and want

Yes, really ideal for an engagement shooting session in Sila (Southern Italian mountains). And then here I feel at home, I know many places that I love to share with the many copies that also choose me for this type of service.

Also because it is now a consolidated basis on which to do a good job later, on the wedding day. The relationship between photographer and couples can only be born on the basis of empathy and couples need to break down the "wall" of embarrassment to try to be natural in their photos.

There is not a single couple that in my 10 and more years of experience has not experienced a slight embarrassment in being photographed: it's physiological! And that's why I always offer a couple service that anticipates the wedding day. You have to get to know, before you can expose the most intimate part of yourself.

What if you are already married? What's the problem! You can do it whenever you like. What matters is to leave a vivid and visual reminder of your love. Long live couple photography, a fundamental tool for learning to remember being in love and happy.

So also for Dasha and Aurelio who I am sure I have immortalized in the depths of their feelings: love for each other.

Enjoy my photos!

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